Jessie Lee’s Open-Road Lifestyle

IMG_5838Hi! I’m Jessie, avid motorcyclist, mile collector self-diagnosed with wanderlust, Mom of 1, Dental Hygienist, Bartender, & writer. I’m here to help you explore life on 2-wheels.

If I have to explain you wouldn’t understand… over the years I’ve found this is the best explanation I can give people when they ask why I want to strap my necessities to the fender of my bike, suit up in leather, wrap my legs around 700 lbs of steel, and hit the open road for hundreds or thousands of miles. To me, this is as normal as walking and talking but for someone who has never experienced the thrill of a ride it seems a tad crazy. I recently added the 40th state to my collection of miles and since people always love to hear my 2 wheel adventure stories I decided to share them via the inter webs. If you have never taken a ride through the wind comment below and next time I happen to be traveling through your state I’ll stop by and take you for a spin!!!

It is my dream to write for a living and show others how to harness the sense of freedom and confidence that comes from conquering the world on 2 wheels. My dad shared the secret with me over 30 years ago and it was the best thing he could have ever done. Now, 19 bikes and tens of thousands of miles later I want to pass this key to happiness along to the world.

Thoughts and questions always welcome!

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