2 days, 2 bikes, dozens of people, 1 belly, & 1 butt hug?! 

When the weathers right and the wheels are rolling you know good times are ahead! Saturday morning it looked a lot like rain but the chances were low and scattered. I hopped on the Streetglide and headed to meet up with several other bikes and good people for a short day ride in honor of a friend of mines mom who passed away several years ago. 

One of many great things about being a biker/ motorcyclist is there are infinite causes and reasons to ride for aside from the pure joy of it. Many times on rides like these most people don’t know most of the other people and it never matters because they are all out for the same purpose enjoying the same wind and living the dream. By the end of the day new friends and memories have been made. On this particular ride most of the people were family and that was ok because they all treated me as if I was too! 

First stop Paoli Pub in Paoli Wisconsin….After filling the parking lot with chrome ponies we all saddled up and headed down the wonderful winding Wisconsin back roads to the Junction House in Monroe. We rolled along on our wide variety of machines each enjoying the ride for different reasons. 

The temperature was rising and by the time we were ready to head to the next destination the tops were coming off! Shirts & kickstands up we headed down the road. 

Next stop Blanchardville. Followed by me hopping behind the bar in Mt Vernon to work my night away after a great day with awesome people on cool machines! 

Have you ever been to Marcines in Mt Vernon Wisconsin??? I highly recommend you get there and order a pizza! They should seriously be world famous! I love the can koozi!  Mostly because I am a bartender and people always say that they are overserved,  then I have to correct them and let them know that that is a lie! They in fact over ordered!Sunday Bloody Sunday was a whirlwind of people, roads, and bars! I chose to take the Streetbob without a windshield and discovered throughout the day that the bugs are out in full force and I was going to get plenty of protein in my diet! 

The Breakfast Club meets up on Sundays at The Riley Tavern for some charcoal grilled steak & eggs with a side of some mysterious but spectacular hash browns. There may or may not be vodka in the orange and tomato juices that come in those wonderful red solo cups….some mysteries are better left unsolved. After our bellies were full we decided a bar tour was in order for our Sunday Funday. Somehow I became the ringleader of our circus and mapped out a 4 bar excursion that would lead us on a lovely backroad adventure. 

Before we even made it out the door plans changed. This is the best part about having a Sunday Funday, go with the flow and see what happens next! Now that our course had changed I factored in a fuel stop on our way to enjoy a meat raffle at everyone’s favorite basement bar in Basco, Dots Tavern! 

4 bikes, a jeep, and a few miles later we arrived at Kwik Trip. This is where my first ever butt hug happened….yes you read that correctly I did say butt hug! A few photos and shenanigans and down the road we went. 

Dots proved to be a worth while stop, a few of us won meat at the raffle and we acquired a truck with more friends to lengthen our convoy! 

Being the beautiful day that it was, we milled around outside admiring some classic cars and chit chatting about bikes. Drinks were cold, company was great, and Lady’s Luck was the center of attention once again. This would be a Road King belonging to a very good friend of mine that was painted by another friend of ours….it is AMAZING…so amazing in fact that most people can’t just look at it they actually reach out to touch it !Pop quiz…..does anyone know where to put gas into a 57 Chevy?! 

We took turns trying to push and pull parts of the bumper and tail lights with no luck at all. Finally I decided to crawl under the car and see where the fuel tank neck lead to and TaDa there it was right behind the chrome on the tail fin …who knew?!? Dots to Marcines is not a long ride but it was great to get a little wind in the hair between stops! We now had 4 bikes, a jeep, and a pickup truck parading around the back roads. Here we gathered 3 more people and 2 more bikes to the group. The day was rolling along fantastically at this point and the next stretch of road was one of my personal favorites with lots of curves! I’m a fan of the 30-40 MPH curves than can be taken at 50-60 MPH on my Streetbob without scraping my pegs into the pavement. 

Off to Bluemounds we traveled, 2 bikes went a different route and the rest of us enjoyed the slow roll through the countryside. A little while later we were approaching our last turn before our next stop when the 2 bikes went cruising by in front of us….guess both ways consume the same amount of time! Good to know for future adventures in case we need a fuel stop on the route.  Hooverville is one of my favorite places to have a Bloody Mary. I may have skipped the water at this stop . 

The 5th stop of the day was Hyde General Store. Another country favorite. We lost 3 bikes when we left Hooverville but the rest of us made a photographer out of an unsuspecting bicyclist who happened to be taking a break by the old mill. This is a fairly famous motorcycle photo opp here in Wisconsin. County T is a scenic ride to Hyde but the road itself is rough and broken up unfortunately. It was this stop where the group discovered that Sesame Street and pink can koozis are the new trend …The afternoon was winding to an end and we had one more stop to make. Originally we were headed to Pleasant Ridge, another general store country stop, but our new friends suggested Traders instead. I stepped down from ringleader and followed them to the next destination after watching a very impressive wheelie from their big wheeled bagger. 

Traders does not believe in air conditioning so we rallied out side for a bit everyone deciding to head different ways for the remainder of the day. This was the end of my part in the convoy I was headed south about 45 minutes to enjoy the final part of my Sunday ride solo before picking up my little man for the week. What a fabulous weekend sharing the road with some wonderful people! Sometimes it’s not about the miles traveled but more the smiles that happened. 

By MotoRambling

Sometimes I ramble, sometimes I ride...life happens...enjoy the ride...take the trip...make the memories...never regret anything that made you smile

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