Viking Cycle Rain Gear

It’s Raining It’s Pouring

Ever hear of Viking Cycle Gear? How about Motorcycle House? I never had either until they asked me to try out their products. With the number of miles I ride and the weather that comes with them, gear is pretty important. Sadly after 10 years and thousands of miles, I was forced to retire my old HD rain suit this year due to some massive leakage issues. I replaced my longtime wet weather travel companion with a 2 piece Viking rain suit. viking cycle gear

Dressing for dryness in the wetness

The price is definitely right at $49.99 and the suit stands up to its savage name “Viking” I’d trust it to weather any storm at highway speeds!

The Jacket and pant legs have thick high-quality zippers covered by full-length Velcro flaps to keep them sealed off from any water leaks. There are Velcro flaps on the pants also allow you to adjust the fit of the pant leg for a more personalized comfort level. Likewise, allowing more room if you have on chaps or less room if you’re just wearing jeans underneath. There are stirrups that fit around your shoe or boot to keep the pants held snug to the ankles while sitting with your knees in the breeze.

The sleeves of the Jacket also have Velcro cuffs to fit snug around your wrists or gloves. The drawstring hood can be worn snug to your head and face or rolled back and velcroed out of the way.

Just breath…

This jacket is mesh lined to prevent that sticky, plastic, suffocated, feeling us all-weather riders are familiar with. Those of you who have had to wear one of those cheap department store rain jackets know exactly what I’m talking about.

Safety first, there is reflective striping across the back and down the arms for better visibility to oncoming traffic and the gear is available in bright safety colors.

There are 3 huge waterproof pockets, 2 on the jacket and one on the pant leg.

The suit fits great when sitting or standing and doesn’t flap ridiculously in the wind. The pants have a reinforced inner thigh and butt area and the jacket drops well below the waistline for optimum coverage.

I would recommend this gear to anyone who rides. I plan to see how it withstands the test of time and will report back in the very distant future! The only shortcoming with this product is that it does not currently come with a pouch/bag for packing it. As we all know, packed, is where we prefer to keep such gear.

Check out all the Viking Cycle gear and more at

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