Riding Idaho…Who Knew?!

When traveling through the U.S., Idaho is generally not “on the way” to anywhere. In fact, it is out of the way from almost everywhere. If you are coming from the eastern side of the country, the most direct route will take you through more than one of what I like to call “100 MPH…… Continue reading Riding Idaho…Who Knew?!

Baja Bound

Well, here we go again! Sometime back in September Travis and I were planning a spring vacation to the desert to ride dirt bikes. We were thinking, set up camp in Durango CO and go explore southern Utah recreation areas. Then, by the time December rolled around, this plan had morphed into riding dirt bikes…… Continue reading Baja Bound

Top 10 Essentials For Dirt-Biking Baja

Any rider can load the saddlebags on their street machine and hit the highway to the next hotel. But, when it comes to taking a machine off the grid and into uncharted territory, a different set of essentials is required. Safety, reliability, and efficiency of your gear become a top priority while riding through Mother…… Continue reading Top 10 Essentials For Dirt-Biking Baja