19 Days on my Nine-T

There is something addictive about rolling across a country on a motorcycle. The experience is similar to floating on cloud nine as some may say. Nothing excites me more than the thought of a road trip, whether it be on two wheels or four. So, when Travis's work schedule conflicted with our vacation schedule I… Continue reading 19 Days on my Nine-T

One Helluva Summer

Have you ever looked back through photos or Facebook memories and thought, "Damn, I've done some living?" Well, I just had one of those moments while looking back over this past summer. Now, I'm going to share it all with you lucky people. No worries, I'll add pictures to keep your attention in case you… Continue reading One Helluva Summer

Expect The Unexpected And Roll With It-Part 5

expect the unexpected and roll with it part 5

After Field, we rolled through the Columbia Ice Fields on our way to Jasper. Dozens of ancient glaciers hanging in the mountain valleys digging them deeper as time goes on. The waterfalls along the way were also impressive and worth a stop to get a closer look. At one stop I, being my typical talented… Continue reading Expect The Unexpected And Roll With It-Part 5

Expect The Unexpected And Roll With It-Part 4

Canada, oh, Canada. Arriving at the border around 10 A.M. we were greeted by Bambi wandering through the lot. We waited for our turns like good little boys and girls and were ushered through single file. Border crossing from the U.S. to Canada can go a few different ways. Every person that crosses has a… Continue reading Expect The Unexpected And Roll With It-Part 4