Riding Idaho…Who Knew?!

When traveling through the U.S., Idaho is generally not "on the way" to anywhere. In fact, it is out of the way from almost everywhere. If you are coming from the eastern side of the country, the most direct route will take you through more than one of what I like to call "100 MPH… Continue reading Riding Idaho…Who Knew?!

19 Days on my Nine-T Part 3

BMW motorcycle under the HWY 1 sign

There I was, sitting at the Pacific Coast Highway sign in Pismo beach ready to ride the road I'd read so much about. Only one small problem, my shoulder and neck were the sorest they had been since my crash. Ugh. But, the ride must go on! I rolled along the coast taking in the… Continue reading 19 Days on my Nine-T Part 3

19 Days on my Nine-T Part 2

After week on the road and a tumble down a hillside, the Benton Hot Springs were a welcome sight. I had entered California and not seen much since when I rolled through a tiny town with a gas station/cafe on the corner that had a sign saying, "Sorry no fuel." Well, this could be a… Continue reading 19 Days on my Nine-T Part 2

Expect The Unexpected And Roll With It-Part 4

Canada, oh, Canada. Arriving at the border around 10 A.M. we were greeted by Bambi wandering through the lot. We waited for our turns like good little boys and girls and were ushered through single file. Border crossing from the U.S. to Canada can go a few different ways. Every person that crosses has a… Continue reading Expect The Unexpected And Roll With It-Part 4

Silverton, There’s No Place Like Home…

Have you ever just been strolling along through life and had something hit you square in the face that just couldn't be ignored? For some people it's a job opportunity, a way to make a dream a reality, an idea that might solve some of life's' problems,  or maybe a new relationship, but for me it was a… Continue reading Silverton, There’s No Place Like Home…