Expect The Unexpected…And Roll With It-Part 2

Expect The Unexpected and Roll With It

The Black Hills of South Dakota are an exceptional place to roam on 2-wheels. Everything you ever need to see and do can be found right there. Rushmore. Deadwood. Iron Mountain Rd. Needles Highway. Spearfish Canyon.


Expect The Unexpected…And Roll With It! (Just the beginning)

Speaking Of Expecting The Unexpected There I was sitting on the pier by the lake, sipping coffee, and watching nature wake up. Next thing I know Travis is plopping down next to me with a Yetti of coffee and one of those grins that means he has an idea! It was somewhere around the 4th… Continue reading Expect The Unexpected…And Roll With It! (Just the beginning)


I received yet another excellent product from Vikingcycle.com. Their line of Women’s riding vests is quality gear. Comfortable. Warm. Adjustable. Get Yours today by clicking the link below. https://vikingcycle.com/collections/women-motorcycle-vests   The Haughty Vest is lined for warmth and made from durable soft comfortable leather. The zippers are heavy duty and the laces allow the vest… Continue reading LADIES!!!